Dasera expands data security posture management capabilities to Microsoft 365

Dasera has expanded its capabilities, securing sensitive data across multiple applications.

Dasera Microsoft 365

With the inclusion of Microsoft 365, Dasera provides organizations with enhanced visibility into their data across OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, ensuring robust protection and governance.

The integration with Microsoft 365 represents a monumental step forward for Dasera, enabling a robust solution to identify and manage sensitive data within the suite. This enhancement optimizes privacy processes via Dasera’s powerful policy engine, facilitating efficient data discovery and management.

“This expansion offers an all-encompassing view of sensitive information within critical Microsoft applications, ensuring complete protection and governance,” says Ani Chaudhuri, CEO of Dasera. “This move signifies our commitment to innovation and leadership in the data security space. Future enhancements, such as scalable impact assessment for policy violations, interactive data mapping, and data flows, are underway to provide proactive visibility and advanced solutions for users.”

Dasera’s extension into SaaS applications introduces several key features:

  • Unparalleled visibility: Dasera identifies sensitive data within SharePoint sites and OneDrives, ensuring proactive risk mitigation.
  • Comprehensive risk assessment: The platform identifies sensitive data shared via files in Teams conversations, ensuring end-to-end security.

Additional new features include swift and efficient data risk assessment, which enable organizations to:

  • Get a rapid data risk assessment with snapshots: Quickly pinpoints the identification and securing of sensitive information within AWS RDS data stores. This non-intrusive method is quickly deployed and ensures comprehensive security assessments without impacting performance or privacy policies. Snapshots empower organizations to swiftly understand and mitigate potential threats, bolstering data security seamlessly.
  • Ingest context from anywhere: Expanding metadata enrichment capabilities, Dasera now ingests data tags from AWS, complementing existing integrations with GCP and Snowflake. This enhancement automates tag importation when connecting to any AWS data store, facilitating precise alerting and remediation.

Dasera continues to pioneer transformative advancements in data security and governance, ensuring organizations stay ahead in safeguarding their most critical assets.

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