ESET launches MDR service to improve cybersecurity for SMBs

ESET launched ESET MDR, an innovative solution aimed at addressing the evolving cybersecurity challenges faced by SMBs.

This launch marks a significant stride in expanding ESET’s security services portfolio with another MDR solution.

In a rapidly changing threat landscape, organizations seek MDR service providers to enhance their security postures, reduce false positives and fortify their threat detection, investigation, and response capabilities. The ESET MDR service for SMBs is designed specifically to meet these needs and bring immediate benefits, including immediate response to incidents.

ESET’s MDR service offers a range of key features and benefits to enhance organizations’ cybersecurity postures. It combines AI-powered automation with human expertise and comprehensive threat intelligence knowledge for unmatched threat detection and incident response.

The access to 24/7/365 security service ensures a bridge for expertise gaps and relieves pressure on internal security teams, allowing them to focus on strategic initiatives — all while facilitating regulatory compliance, helping businesses achieve key cyber controls necessary for insurability.

Delivered through the renowned ESET PROTECT Platform and the ESET XDR offering, the ESET MDR service is crafted to promptly investigate and disrupt malicious activities and thwart adversaries. The service is tailored to meet the challenges of hybrid work environments by conducting threat hunting, monitoring, and response, enforcing robust cybersecurity measures that address SMB customers’ needs.

ESET MDR can detect and respond to threats within a 20-minute time frame. To do so, ESET uses its own innovative cybersecurity technologies to collect unique data, particularly from regions under attack from sophisticated cyber-criminal groups. To ensure effective threat defense, customers also have access to a library of predefined patterns and the ability to create custom rules patterns, which trigger appropriate actions in response to both specific detections and suspicious behaviors, executables, and processes.

“Dynamic — that is what the threat landscape is. It’s one where adversaries increasingly target SMBs, who are in many cases defenseless due to their lack of expertise, capacity, or both — often they are simply busy doing “their day jobs.” ESET, a long-standing expert in cybersecurity with an exceptionally strong position among SMBs and more than 500 000 SMB customers, sees tremendous potential in offering an affordable, scalable service. Our approach significantly reduces the risk of SMBs falling victim to ransomware attacks and other forms of security incidents and can help them meet various compliance regulations. Launching ESET MDR for SMBs represents a simple upgrade path for existing customers of our ESET PROTECT Platform, integrating all of our security modules with a 24/7 MDR service, one powered by our long-lasting threat intelligence expertise,” said Michal Jankech, VP of the SMB and MSP segment at ESET.

The ESET MDR service will be available in selected countries as an add-on or stand-alone offering, packaged with ESET PROTECT Enterprise and ESET PROTECT Elite.

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