Skytrack: Open-source aircraft reconnaissance tool

Skytrack is an open-source command-line tool for plane spotting and aircraft OSINT reconnaissance.


The tool utilizes multiple data sources to collect information on aircraft, can produce a PDF report for a specific aircraft, and offers conversion between ICAO and Tail Number designations.

Suitable for both amateur plane spotters and seasoned aircraft analysts, Skytrack aids in identifying and cataloging aircraft for general reconnaissance purposes.


“What sets Skytrack apart is its ability to draw from diverse data sets, coupled with its feature to generate PDF reports. Additionally, the tool represents a unique intersection of security, aviation, and open-source development, offering a fresh perspective to each of these communities,” Angelina Tsuboi, the creator of Skytrack, told Help Net Security.

Aircraft information:

  • Model
  • Tail number
  • Aircraft yype
  • ICAO24 designation
  • Manufacturer details
  • Flight logs
  • Aircraft owner
  • And more!

Skytrack is available for free on GitHub.

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