Silobreaker integrates with DarkOwl for enhanced darknet credential monitoring

Silobreaker has integrated with DarkOwl for credential monitoring. The DarkOwl Credential Monitoring solution continuously checks for exposed credentials in darknet and darknet-adjacent sites, providing Silobreaker customers with detailed alerting and analytics within a single platform.

Credential exposure can lead to significant reputational damage and financial losses, meaning that swift detection and response is crucial to minimising the risks of credential misuse. Silobreaker’s credential monitoring product focuses on customers’ email domains, and checks deep and dark web sources, paste sites, data dumps and shared username/password lists on platforms like Telegram and Discord for exposure.

Upon discovery, intelligence on leaked credentials is automatically available on the Silobreaker platform, including details on when and where exposure took place, and whether passwords are included. If passwords are found, Silobreaker provides valuable insights into their composition, offering organisations visibility into whether the identified passwords align with their established password policies.

“Detecting and triaging exposed credentials quickly and with minimum manual effort is crucial – the longer credentials are exposed, the greater the risk of compromise. Our latest integration with DarkOwl expands our ecosystem of data partners and provides customers with a cost-efficient, structured and enhanced approach to credential monitoring,” said Kristofer Mansson, CEO, Silobreaker.

“And with DarkOwl’s results seamlessly integrated into Silobreaker in alerts and visualised on searchable dashboards, security teams are equipped with the visibility they need to identify exposed credentials faster and more effectively,” Mansson continued.

DarkOwl CEO, Mark Turnage, added, “This collaboration aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering organisations with the most comprehensive cybersecurity solutions. Silobreaker is forward-thinking in incorporating darknet data into their solutions and we are delighted to be that provider as credential theft is surely to be a top threat in 2024.”

The addition of DarkOwl’s credential monitoring capabilities into Silobreaker provides organisations with an even broader, more comprehensive view of potential threats. This enables businesses to identify risks at scale before they escalate into critical incidents. It also drives better decision-making to prioritise resources most effectively and mitigate risk.

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