HaystackID enhances Protect Analytics AI Suite to strengthen data analysis

HaystackID announced the expansion of its Protect Analytics AI Suite of AI enabled services designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of identifying, analyzing, and reporting on sensitive information within large, unstructured datasets.

The enhanced suite featuring Protect Analytics AI – Sensitive Data Identification, Protect Analytics AI – Entity Extraction, and Protect Analytics AI – Deploy continues to transform cybersecurity-centric incident responses, breach investigations, and notification actions by decreasing time to precision insight and action from weeks to days and days to hours.

Key services and capabilities of the Protect Analytics AI Suite include:

Protect Analytics AI – Sensitive Data Identification: Launched and used with clients since 2022, this service utilizes AI algorithms to detect and classify sensitive data within a vast range of document types and data sets.

Protect Analytics AI – Entity Extraction: Available in Q1 2024, this service employs generative AI techniques to detect, identify, suppress, or extract entities such as signature blocks, names, places, organizations, and other relevant information from datasets. This capability is significant for compliance checks, due diligence, cyber incident response, and legal discovery.

Protect AI – Deploy: Available in Q2 2024, this service offers the ability to deploy Protect Analytics AI’s engine within a customer’s infrastructure, thereby reducing data transfer times and allowing for greater customization and control over the data analysis process. This service also brings the power of HaystackID’s analytics directly to the client’s environment, enhancing data security and processing efficiency.

“Data complexity and security concerns are escalating with technological advancements, demanding more sophisticated cybersecurity tools and techniques,” said Michael Sarlo, Chief Innovation Officer and President of Global Investigations & Cyber Incident Response Services at HaystackID.

“Addressing this challenge, HaystackID continues to enhance the Protect Analytics AI Suite, delivering powerful tools like Sensitive Data Identification and the soon-to-be-released Entity Extraction and Deploy services. These innovations ensure rapid, accurate analysis and bolster data protection. As the digital landscape becomes increasingly intricate, the necessity for advanced, AI-driven discovery and security solutions becomes even more critical. HaystackID continues to lead in this area, providing the expertise and technology to negotiate this evolving terrain,” added Sarlo.

Key cross-functional features of the Protect Analytics AI Suite, enabled through a combination of custom development and multimodal integration of best-of-breed AI and large language model (LLM) tools, include:

  • Interactive visualizations: Through integration with tools like Microsoft Power BI, the suite provides interactive data visualizations, enabling users to sort, query, and analyze sensitive data swiftly and effectively.
  • Customizable risk categories: The suite allows for classifying sensitive data into customizable risk categories, helping prioritize data breach notifications and manage overall risk exposure.
  • Sensitive data density scoring: This feature calculates a density score for sensitive data within documents, directing attention promptly to the most critical areas within a dataset.
  • Containerized deployment: Protect Analytics AI Suite can be deployed in a containerized environment, making it flexible and scalable to fit into various IT infrastructures and workflows.

“HaystackID’s commitment to technological advancement is exemplified through the latest updates to our Protect Analytics AI Suite, which now benefits from the capabilities of generative AI,” said John Brewer, Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer and Chief Data Scientist.

“Our approach is one of balance—refining our suite with AI enhancements to complement and elevate the precise nature of eDiscovery and cybersecurity tasks. We’ve carefully calibrated the integration of AI to support and strengthen data analysis, ensuring our solutions remain innovative and in line with the practical realities of legal and compliance work. This balanced enhancement is key to providing our clients with reliable, actionable, and defensible insights,” concluded Brewer.

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