Kentik AI improves network monitoring and observability

Kentik launched Kentik AI to give any engineer, operator, architect, or developer the ability to troubleshoot complex networks.

The company is simultaneously launching a modern and AI-assisted Network Monitoring System (Kentik NMS) to enable teams to observe, manage, and optimize network health and performance via real-time monitoring and alerting.

“Historically, resolving complex network issues required network engineers to have years, if not decades, of experience,” said Avi Freedman, CEO of Kentik. “Now anyone — a developer, SRE, or business analyst — can ask questions about their network in their preferred language and get the answers they need.”

Kentik has embedded Generative AI across its platform to democratize access to critical knowledge about complex systems. Through a natural language interface and guided troubleshooting workflows, Kentik now empowers teams to determine the root cause of customer-impacting issues much faster.

“We’re imagining a world where everybody can be a superstar network engineer. Where network insights are no longer limited to network experts. Where AI augments the engineer, dramatically increasing their productivity, speed of troubleshooting and remediation of issues, and as a result driving efficiencies that can’t reasonably be achieved by scaling manual resources,” said Christoph Pfister, CPO at Kentik.

Kentik AI and platform innovations:

Kentik Query Assistant: Kentik Query Assistant leverages a Large Language Model (LLM) infused with network context that enables users to ask questions about their network in natural language, and Kentik will use its full breadth of data to deliver an answer. This democratizes access to critical network insights that were typically available only to teams with deep network expertise.

Kentik Journeys: Kentik Journeys provides users with an AI-assisted troubleshooting workflow to solve complex network problems. When troubleshooting, engineers ask a question, analyze the answer, then ask a new, better-informed question, drilling deeper into the issue. Kentik Journeys accelerates this process and expedites investigations with deep understanding of the user’s network.

Kentik NMS: Kentik NMS is the first AI-assisted network monitoring system. It modernizes network monitoring technology by unifying traffic flow data with real-time, custom, and streaming device metrics in one extensible SaaS platform, allowing engineers to easily correlate heterogenous telemetry from distributed infrastructure and rapidly problem-solve.

“Kentik is helping us improve network operations efficiency and speed up MTTR,” said Brian Mengel, CTO PenTeleData. “We are reducing the total cost of ownership of network monitoring by consolidating advanced traffic analysis and metrics monitoring into one SaaS platform, and we’re excited about Kentik AI’s potential to compress and automate network investigations.”

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