raises $8 million to simplify app development announced it has raised $8 million in Series A funding, led by Scale Venture Partners, along with NFX, Verissimo Ventures, Roosh Ventures, Firestreak, 92712, and other existing investors, to ensure application developers never have to build permissions again.

Scale Partner Eric Anderson will join the company’s board of directors. In addition to funding, the company also unveiled Approval Flows to enable enterprises to handle increasingly complex authorizations for access to data, including for AI bots and agents.

“Permit fits a hole in the broader identity market we’ve been tracking for a long time,” said Eric Anderson, Partner at Scale Venture Partners. “We like startups that build engineering services typically found only in big tech companies and offer them to everyone else. The Permit team has built a full stack solution that we’re excited to support and help grow.”

As cloud-native apps have become the norm, every app now requires fine-grained authorization. This locks developers in a loop of repetitive operational tasks instead of working on core features while companies require more engineering resources just to deal with permissions. uniquely addresses this problem, saving companies millions of dollars each year.

The company has already signed deals with more than 20 companies, including industry leaders like Schneider Electric, SignifyHealth (part of CVS), and Salt Security, with hundreds of thousands of authorized users, growing into millions.

“Our no-code, future-proof solution removes the need for dedicated headcount, maintenance, and compute power for setting up authorization across applications; it is unlike anything on the market today,” said Or Weis, CEO of “With this funding, we will be able to rapidly scale to meet demand, including building out a sales presence in the U.S., as well as double down on the unique interfaces Permit is known for.”

New Solution for new frontiers

Companies face new authorization requirements at an average rate of every 4.5 months, requiring an average investment of five months of engineering time from four engineers per application. Companies are already struggling to maintain access control for human users, but it becomes even more complicated as AI agents increasingly act on their behalf. Approval Flows is an all-encompassing solution for development teams that want to add secure access approval flows to their applications, particularly as AI agents take on a more prominent role. Approval Flows uniquely feature:

  • End-to-end flow management with UI and code interfaces
  • Customizable components for embedding in UI applications
  • Comprehensive audit logs of flow configuration and authorization checks
  • Seamless compatibility with any authentication and identity provider
  • Intuitive interface for principals who are non-native users
  • Implementation support for fine-grained authorization
  • Fully managed communication and collaboration aspects across invitation flow

Never build permissions again Approval Flows extend the sophisticated permissions platform. With the platform, developers can easily integrate SDKs and APIs for embedding authorization layers efficiently, allowing them to focus on developing core features while non-technical users benefit from a no-code, user-friendly interface for configuring precise authorization.

With developer time and velocity in mind, uniquely combines policy-as-graph and policy-as-code approaches in a simple UI. On top of that, it also provides a set of components– Elements– that help developers save precious time in implementing authorization in their front-end applications.

“ is a well-designed authorization platform based on open standards that we didn’t have to design ourselves, which has been tremendously helpful,” said Malcolm Learner, Senior Solution Architect at Signify Health (part of CVS). “Running the PDP with a sidecar pattern fits well with our containerized microservices architecture, and’s support has been fantastic. It has saved us significant time, money, and resources.” Approval Flows is available now for early access.


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