Bitdefender Cryptomining Protection detects malicious cryptojacking attempts

Bitdefender announced Cryptomining Protection, a cryptomining management feature that allows users to both protect against malicious cryptojacking and manage their own legitimate cyptomining initiatives on their Windows PCs.

According to a 2023 report, cryptojacking attacks have increased nearly 400% year over year, putting pressure on end users to defend against hard-to-detect outside mining attempts taking place on their devices.

In this context, Cryptomining Protection helps ensure Bitdefender users remain aware and protected against unauthorized system breaches that reduce device performance, increase electricity costs, shorten device lifespan, and impose security risks to their overall systems.

Cryptomining, however, also serves as a legal and intentional activity where individuals or companies use their computing resources to mine cryptocurrencies for profit. For users who want to run legitimate cryptomining activities, but prevent unauthorized access from abusing their resources, Cryptomining Protection acts as a unique management tool, enabling them to monitor and decide what should be kept running and what should be prevented.

“Cryptojacking is not benign, it has the potential to seriously impact device integrity and performance, contributes to cybercriminal profiteering, and significantly increases cybersecurity risk for users,” said Ciprian Istrate, SVP of operations, Consumer Solutions Group at Bitdefender. “Our new Cryptomining Protection feature detects and stops malicious cryptojacking attempts while simultaneously empowering users to manage legit activities that are part of their digital lifestyles.”

The Cryptomining Protection feature is disabled by default. For users who want to prevent all cryptomining activities (including cryptojacking) it automatically blocks and notifies each time an activity is detected, once enabled. For users opting to run legit cryptomining activities, Bitdefender will first send a warning allowing the user to choose if the activity should be blocked or maintained.

Bitdefender Cryptomining Protection is now available for Bitdefender Total Security, Premium Security, and Ultimate Security protection plans at no additional cost for new and existing customers.

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