Compliance Scorecard​ collaborates with ConnectSecure to automate asset governance

Compliance Scorecard​ and ConnectSecure have joined forces to automate asset governance.

With just a few clicks, MSPs can pull inventory data from ConnectSecure vulnerability scans into Compliance Scorecard’s Asset Scorecard, giving them the ability to identify all managed assets and govern them.

How it works: Scan, identify, govern

Thousands of MSPs across the globe use the ConnectSecure vulnerability management platform to protect their clients’ networks. Having access to a comprehensive, real-time inventory from scanned infrastructures, including Azure environments, enables MSPs to quickly identify, prioritize and remediate security threats.

Armed with the addition of Compliance Scorecard’s Asset Scorecard, MSPs can govern assets by setting a scheduled asset review, see if they are meeting requirements, and work with their clients to get devices reviewed and approved on a regular cadence.

According to Compliance Scorecard CEO Tim Golden, one of the joint solution’s most significant benefits is that ConnectSecure provides a single source of truth for monitoring and collecting asset information across the entire MSP ecosystem.

“We are fully governing assets based on the incredible visibility ConnectSecure provides,” said Golden. “With just a few clicks in the Compliance Scorecard platform, MSPs view asset data from ConnectSecure and use Asset Scorecard to automatically apply their governance review to the asset information captured from the vulnerability scans, set a schedule for ongoing reviews, and involve the customer in verification when needed. No other solution automates all of these steps in one easy to manage interface. It is a huge value-add for MSPs to be able to offer this level of compliance management for asset governance.”

Advancing MSP cybersecurity services

ConnectSecure CEO Peter Bellini noted that automating asset governance significantly advances MSPs’ cybersecurity practices. “Every networked asset is an attack surface, so it’s imperative MSPs be involved with governing those assets in order to protect customers,” Bellini said. “Compliance Scorecard’s capabilities are a powerful addition to the ConnectSecure platform feature set.”

In addition to the Asset Scorecard capabilities, MSPs will also have access to Compliance Scorecard’s Peer Group, an expert-led training program with collaborative channels and education resources including video series and podcasts.

Solving a tough problem for MSPs and MSSPs

“We serve clients by providing personal service and solving the root causes of technical issues, and we want to do it in a secure and efficient manner,” said David Szpunar, CEO of Servant 42, an MSP firm using ConnectSecure and Compliance Scorecard.

“Combining policy and inventory review from Compliance Scorecard with ConnectSecure’s automated discovery across hardware, software, and vulnerabilities, brings a high level of automation to accomplish foundational security requirements,” Szpunar noted. “It is a fresh take on solving a tough problem for MSPs and MSSPs.”

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