Sentra Jagger provides real-time security insights and AI-assisted remediation guidelines

Sentra announced Sentra Jagger, a Large Language Model (LLM)-assistant for cloud data security.

Sentra Jagger

This new capability enhances the functionality of Sentra’s core Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) and Data Detection and Response (DDR) platform by enabling users to promptly address emerging threats and vulnerabilities with real-time insights, as well as extending its usability to other governance roles such as audit, compliance and privacy. This expansion advances the holistic visibility into an organization’s security posture, ensuring alignment, effective communication and improved risk management.

There is a strong urgency for security teams to implement tools and strategies that can protect data and keep pace with emerging cyber threats. According to a survey by Omdia, nearly 75% of organizations identify Generative AI (GenAI) as an invaluable asset for strengthening their security posture.

Sentra Jagger is an AI-powered data security assistant that helps analyze and respond to security threats quickly, reducing as much as 80% of the time required to accomplish tasks, such as policy implementation and data store reporting. By reducing the time needed to investigate and fix security threats, Sentra Jagger improves overall operational efficiency and fortifies security measures.

“AI has the potential to revolutionize security, but it also poses new challenges and risks, forcing security teams to keep up with the latest threats and best practices,” said Yair Cohen, VP of product, Sentra. “Our LLM helps facilitate this process by seamlessly embedding within the product interface, providing users with the roadmap needed to simplify and speed data investigations. Users can easily pivot between Sentra Jagger and platform screens, making it easy to use across teams without compromising operational speed or access to relevant information.”

Security teams can use Sentra Jagger to get insights and recommendations on specific security actions through an interactive, user-friendly interface. In addition, customizable dashboards can be easily created based on user roles and preferences to optimize visibility into an organization’s data. With Sentra Jagger, users can also make direct queries about Sentra’s findings, eliminating the need to navigate through ancillary information or complicated portals.

“AI holds immense potential to transform our world, but its development and deployment must be accompanied by a steadfast commitment to data integrity and privacy,” said Adam Strange, principal analyst, Omdia. “Against this backdrop of evolving AI-related cyber threats, cybersecurity is now an organization-wide issue. With the help of LLM assistants, like Sentra Jagger, organizations can ensure cybersecurity best practices are implemented by users in less technical roles including audit, compliance and privacy.”

In addition to real-time security insights and AI-assisted remediation guidelines, streamlined workflows, and an intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, other key benefits include:

  • Simplified interpretation of intricate security queries, offering clear and concise explanations in plain language to empower users across different levels of expertise to make informed decisions and take appropriate actions with confidence;
  • Enhanced incident response capabilities that provide users with actionable steps to identify and remediate to streamline the incident response process while minimizing downtime, reducing damage, and quickly restoring normal operations; and,
  • Integration with existing tools for a unified security management experience to present a holistic view of the organization’s data security posture.

Sentra Jagger will begin limited preview in March and will be generally available the second half of 2024.


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