Pathlock CAC helps SAP customers comply with regulations

Pathlock intorduced its SAP application and data security product suite, Cybersecurity Application Controls (CAC).

Pathlock CAC

The release is part of Pathlock’s vision to help SAP customers establish a zero-risk approach to identity and application access by implementing strong controls and monitoring effectiveness across the multiple layers of an SAP system.

Pathlock CAC is designed to give SAP customers granular control and visibility around external and internal security threats, especially those that include data breaches, exfiltration, or general exploitation of sensitive business data. CAC delivers both preventative and detective controls, enabling organizations to automate how they detect potential configuration vulnerabilities at the application layer, while also preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data and transactions in real-time.

By combining detective cybersecurity controls like Vulnerability Management, Threat Detection and Response, Code Scanning, and Transport Control with preventative controls like Attribute-Based Access Controls (ABAC), Dynamic Data Masking, and Data Loss Prevention (DLP), SAP customers can ensure access to their systems and data is fully aligned with the strictest data governance and cybersecurity policies.

This solution goes beyond just hardening SAP systems; it also secures the sensitive data living within these systems, covering a broader range of security needs than any other product on the market.

“The launch of Pathlock CAC marks a critical integration of security at both the data and application levels, into one product,” said Piyush Pandey, CEO of Pathlock. “Until now, solutions from other cybersecurity vendors only allowed users to secure their data, or the application, forcing companies to license multiple solutions to leverage both detective and preventive cybersecurity controls. More than ever, an organization’s cybersecurity strategy must focus on the protection of sensitive data – not just the infrastructure. This solution will expand users’ ability to automate their security processes, simplifying the protection of sensitive data and adherence to industry best practices.”


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