Cynerio extends Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform to improve patient data protections

As data breaches continue to expose sensitive healthcare information, with over 118 million patients impacted in the United States in 2023, Cynerio has extended its commitment to enhancing cybersecurity in the healthcare sector.

Cynerio Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform

With a focus on addressing critical cybersecurity challenges, Cynerio epands its Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform to safeguard patient data and combat escalating cyber threats.

The four primary areas of focus include:

1. Safeguarding healthcare information with patient data security: Cynerio’s Patient Data Security solution is specifically designed to enhance the security of electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI) across a variety of healthcare landscapes. By providing advanced protections tailored for healthcare environments, Cynerio helps healthcare organizations mitigate the risk of data breaches and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. Stopping healthcare-focused cyber attacks with Network Detection + Response: In response to the escalating cyber threats targeting healthcare, Cynerio’s Network Detection + Response technology offers rapid deployment, day-one protections, validation of alerts, and response times measured in seconds. By providing modern, reactive protections paired with proactive guidance, Cynerio helps healthcare organizations defend against ransomware gangs, opportunistic script kiddies, and other cyber threats.

3. Automating connected device discovery and analysis with Complete Asset Visibility: Cynerio’s Complete Asset Visibility solution automates asset tracking and enhances visibility across healthcare environments. In the dynamic landscape of healthcare technology, maintaining a comprehensive inventory of connected devices is pivotal for security and operational efficiency. By automating connected device discovery and analysis, Cynerio enables healthcare organizations to effectively manage their security posture and mitigate risks.

4. Providing enhanced protections for healthcare technology with Medical Device Security: Over 53% of medical devices harbor critical risks, enabling the propagation of cyber attacks and resulting in record-high instances of data breaches and ransomware attacks in healthcare environments. Cynerio’s Medical Device Security solution offers a comprehensive solution to improve risk insights and enable the adoption of achievable protections for healthcare organizations of any size.

“Healthcare organizations face unprecedented challenges in safeguarding patient data and combating cyber threats,” warned Leon Lerman, CEO of Cynerio. “With our expanded Healthcare Cybersecurity Platform, we aim to provide comprehensive and tailored solutions that empower healthcare executives to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with confidence.”

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