Halo Security Dark Web Monitoring identifies and mitigates potential exposures

Halo Security intoduced its new Dark Web Monitoring feature. This addition further enhances the company’s external security platform, allowing security teams to gain insights into potential threats originating from the dark web.

With the new Dark Web Monitoring feature, security teams can easily monitor leaked credentials and detect potential signs of a data breach, providing a holistic view of their organization’s external risks.

By selecting specific domain names to monitor, users receive alerts regarding compromised credentials or company mentions found on the dark web, enabling them to take immediate action to protect their digital assets.

Built on an extensive darknet dataset, Halo Security’s Dark Web Monitoring solution is designed with ethical sourcing principles in mind. Unlike some alternatives, the data utilized is not purchased or illegally obtained, ensuring compliance with ethical standards while effectively addressing security concerns.

Addressing a critical need

Lisa Dowling, CEO of Halo Security, emphasized the critical importance of addressing organizational blind spots in security: “In today’s evolving threat landscape, organizations must be proactive in identifying and mitigating potential exposures. Our Dark Web Monitoring feature empowers security teams by shedding light on compromised accounts and credentials, enabling swift action to protect against cyber threats.”

Dark Web Monitoring is available as an add-on for all current and prospective Halo Security clients, seamlessly integrating with existing attack surface management solutions. The feature requires no installation or maintenance, with data accessible directly through the cloud dashboard.

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