Cybersecurity jobs available right now: March 19, 2024

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Cybersecurity jobs available right now: July 17, 2024

cybersecurity jobs march 2024

Central Investigations & Cybersecurity Analyst

Meta | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

The successful candidate will be able to assess and analyze large amounts of data to identify sources of potential threats and abuses, operate independently in a fast-paced environment, and collaborate with teams across the company. In addition to having a strong investigative and analytical background, Meta is seeking an investigator with experience making risk-based decisions and who is passionate about protecting people.

Chief Enterprise Architect – Mobile & Cybersecurity

Zimperium | EMEA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

Zimperium seeks an experienced Chief Enterprise Architect to lead its global R&D team in designing and implementing secure and scalable solutions for its cybersecurity products and services. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in building cybersecurity solutions and services, coupled with expertise in mobile and web development and data engineering.

Cybersecurity Defensive Operations

U.S. Department of Homeland Security | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

This position is in the Leadership Track across a range of career levels. The Cybersecurity Defensive Operations Specialist is crucial to the Department of Homeland Security Cybersecurity Service. This position requires a highly skilled individual with technical expertise in cybersecurity. The specialist will be responsible for a range of tasks focused on defending against cyber threats and ensuring the security of assets.


Cyber Security Consultant

Collabera Digital | Spain | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

This role’s primary focus is conducting in-depth data analysis in critical areas of the security framework, including the Secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC), vulnerability management, and the exploitation of logs from our monitoring tools. Additionally, the analyst will collaborate closely with the governance team to improve the maturity of internal controls, contributing to a more secure operational environment.

Cyber Security Analyst

Australian Unity | Australia | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

This role involves actively monitoring and responding to security incidents, coordinating responses with multiple teams, and providing support during customer-facing incidents. The specialist will proactively work to prevent similar incidents in the future and assist in the secure development of pragmatic solutions that meet business requirements while managing risk.

Director of Cybersecurity

Endeavor | USA | On-siteNo longer accepting applications

This hands-on, director-level role requires a blend of technical expertise, leadership abilities, and an understanding of cybersecurity governance, documentation, and training. The ideal candidate will be responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing cybersecurity infrastructure and practices to safeguard the company’s digital assets.

Microsoft AI Security Engineer

ITMAGINATION | EU | Remote – View job details

ITMAGINATION are looking for people well experienced with Azure and willing to develop their skills in AI to fill the Microsoft AI Security Engineer position and participate in our their project for the banking industry.

Principal Information Security Analyst, Managed Services

SecurityScorecard | USA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

This position will provide technical analysis of high volume information to detect, identify and respond to cyber threats on the customer’s behalf. You will work within custom tools and the SecurityScorecard platform to operationalize customer’s third- and fourth- party vendor risk management programs.

Security Engineer

Immunai | Israel | HybridNo longer accepting applications

This entry-level position is designed for individuals passionate about cybersecurity, with a focus on cloud security and operations. The role involves working within a security team to protect the organization’s cloud environments, implement and maintain security systems, and contribute to incident response efforts. This position offers an opportunity to develop your cybersecurity skills in a hands-on environment.

Senior Cybersecurity Engineer

Liberty Mutual Insurance | USA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

This is an experienced role within the Liberty Mutual’s Cybersecurity Operations Center and will work within an agile team to develop proactive methods to detect, protect, and respond to cyber threats. This role will work cross functionally across many security teams within the Cybersecurity Operations Center and will report directly to the Director of the Cybersecurity Operations Center.

Senior DevSecOps and IT Manager

TestGorilla | EU | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

TestGorilla are looking for a Senior Engineer Manager to lead their small DevSecOps and IT team of experienced engineers, responsible for developing, designing, and maintaining cloud infrastructure, DevOps tools and guidelines, and security and IT measures. With your team, you will be responsible for implementing the best practices for provisioning, configuration management, and monitoring of distributed systems. Your primary goal is to make sure these systems run reliably in a secure cloud environment developed using IaaC.

Senior Application Security Engineer

Consensys | EMEA | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

Consensys are looking for an Application Security Engineer to help embed security into all phases of the software development lifecycle. You would work closely with development teams and product managers to ensure MetaMask products are designed and implemented to the highest security standards.

SOC Analyst, Cyber Risk

Kroll | UK | RemoteNo longer accepting applications

This role involves carrying out in-depth investigations of security events, raising incidents, and supporting the incident management process. The analyst will be tasked with conducting remote incident handling activities and delivering security advice to customers during and immediately following security incidents. Key responsibilities include responding to system-generated alerts, analyzing logs and traffic patterns, and supporting multiple customer environments simultaneously.

Staff Security Engineer

Polygon Labs | UAE | Remote – View job details

Polygon Labs is looking for a Staff Security Engineer with solid RUST knowledge and verifiable experience in leading and performing code reviews, security assessments, and in the blockchain field. This person will be working to discover and solve complex security activities in the blockchain space together with the most active and professional team.

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