Kasada introduces CDN edge API integrations to block abuse and online fraud

Kasada released a bot detection API with out-of-the-box integrations for Content Delivery Network (CDN) edge computing platforms.

Security teams can use the new integrations to quickly block abuse and online fraud without sacrificing user experience or data privacy. Threat actors have developed powerful tools and commercialized services to launch bot attacks. Many anti-bot providers tend to wane in effectiveness as adversaries learn to bypass their defenses.

With Kasada’s new CDN edge API integrations, its award-winning dynamic bot defense platform integrates quickly and easily with any CDN provider, including Akamai, Amazon CloudFront, Cloudflare, Fastly, and Vercel.

Alternatively, users can implement custom API integrations with application backends. Businesses benefit from Kasada’s immediate and long-lasting protection without the need for any management.

Kasada offers a range of integration options that meet the different requirements of businesses, industries, and partners depending on their needs and architecture. The new API integrations include:

  • Pre-built code for CDN / edge compute API integrations: Out-of-the-box API plugins for Akamai (EdgeWorkers), Amazon CloudFront (Lambda@Edge), Cloudflare (Workers), Fastly (Compute), and Vercel (Next.js)
  • Custom integrations: Integrate directly with application backends, authentication and e-commerce platforms, and other non-CDN systems
  • Fast integration: Onboard in hours with easy-to-follow quick start guides
  • Data privacy: Kasada’s PCI- and SOC 2-compliant platform never sees sensitive data, such as passwords, payment details, and personally identifiable information
  • Customized responses: Block requests outright or quietly ban the offending bot behind the scenes, hiding valuable information that attackers use to retool

Through its bot detection API, Kasada’s dynamic defense platform classifies requests as bot or human with a tightly integrated combination of robust client-side defenses, AI/ML-based anomaly server-side detection, invisible challenges, and data integrity checks to avoid data tampering and replay attacks.

“Our new integrations allow enterprises to get the benefits of Kasada in a quick, easy, and secure way with their CDN-of-choice,” said Sam Crowther, CEO of Kasada. “Businesses need a bot defense platform that’s able to adapt as quickly as the adversary for enduring protection. With Kasada, customers have saved upwards of tens of millions of dollars by stopping abuse and fraud. Plus, their users enjoy a frictionless experience free of frustrating CAPTCHAs.”

“We integrated Kasada via their new bot detection API in a matter of hours and it was immediately effective, eliminating bots that were attacking our AI models,” said Malte Ubl, CTO of Vercel. “Removing these bots greatly reduced our infrastructure costs for these AI models that we make available without login and payment.”

The integrations are now available to all customers


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