Apiiro and Secure Code Warrior join forces for developer training integration

Apiiro has announced a product integration and partnership with Secure Code Warrior to extend its ASPM technology and processes to the people layer. The partnership combines Apiiro’s deep code analysis and risk context with Secure Code Warrior’s agile learning catalog to deliver developer training directly to developers in their tools and workflows.

Apiiro matches application risks—either identified by Apiiro or ingested from a third-party tool—to relevant Secure Code Warrior training courses mapped by CWE and coding language. Trainings are seamlessly delivered to developers via tickets, issues, or messages where they can learn real security best practices as part of their day-to-day work.

“At Secure Code Warrior, we are laser-focused on providing agile learning experiences for developers, delivering practical security training to their everyday work experience. The combination of our platform and Apiiro’s Deep ASPM approach will further accelerate the delivery of secure code into production for our clients. We’re thrilled we can find even more ways to enhance operational efficiencies to drive revenue and reduce costs for companies,” said Holly Whalen, Global VP, Channels & Alliances at Secure Code Warrior.

Consistent and intentional developer security training is a key component of a successful AppSec program, and this partnership embeds it into holistic AppSec program management.

Introducing relevant and timely secure code training in existing developer remediation flows accelerates impactful learning, avoids wasting time on irrelevant or context-less trainings, and saves time for both AppSec teams and developers alike.

Ultimately, training with real issues in real time ensures that developers gain the necessary secure coding knowledge and practice, leading to better retention of best practices, fewer risks introduced into code over time, and a faster mean time to remediation (MTTR) for enterprises.


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