Malwarebytes adds AI functionality to ThreatDown Security Advisor

Malwarebytes has added AI functionality to its Security Advisor, available in every ThreatDown Bundle.

Malwarebytes Security Advisor

Leveraging generative AI technology, the new capabilities will transform Security Advisor into a dynamic experience that allows customers to use simple natural language requests to search for information about their environment, ask for recommendations on how to optimize their security posture, automatically implement updates, and more. This will allow customers to quickly mitigate threats, reduce risk, and boost efficiency.

“As we explore new ways to further simplify security for IT-resource-constrained companies, generative AI has the power to be a force multiplier,” said Marcin Kleczynski, CEO at Malwarebytes. “We will continue to harness AI in our mission to take down threats, complexity, and costs for our customers.”

At launch, users will be able to engage directly with Security Advisor to ask conversational questions in the search bar on the Endpoints, Detections and Vulnerabilities pages in Nebula and get immediate results, all without cumbersome queries and filters. Example questions that users can ask include whether they have any unprotected endpoints, any endpoints with vulnerabilities, or how many endpoints are on outdated versions of the agent.

“Today’s IT teams want an immediate view into their security posture with actionable recommendations,” said Michael Suby, Research VP, Security and Trust at IDC. “ThreatDown’s Security Advisor is already a powerful differentiator for Malwarebytes and adding the power of AI will even further help resource-constrained IT teams deal quickly and effectively with today’s threats.”

Key functionality of the AI-enhanced Security Advisor include:

Take down threats with AI-powered search: Using natural language processing and generative AI, the enhanced Security Advisor can understand the context of a query and quickly identify relevant information. This helps ThreatDown administrators to identify threats they might miss with a traditional keyword-based search or being required to download, filter and sort through search results. For example, if an admin asks if there are any unprotected endpoints, the AI will search for endpoints that are missing security patches or have weak configurations and quickly return the result to the admin.

Take down costs by improving IT and security team efficiency: The new AI-powered capabilities in Security Advisor will help streamline the process for ThreatDown administrators to access crucial information, enabling them to swiftly pinpoint and mitigate potential security threats. This will result in significant time savings for IT and security teams.

Take down complexity by automating security posture updates: In future releases, ThreatDown administrators will be able to ask questions about which of their endpoints are most at risk to vulnerabilities. After reviewing the endpoints and their security postures, the AI will return an answer to the administrator, who can then ask the AI to implement updates to the environment to automatically update the security posture.

“Our latest AI functionality will provide a dynamic user experience for our customers,” said Motil Jayakar, SVP of Engineering at Malwarebytes. “Now, ThreatDown users can interact with their endpoints and environments in a completely new way. The AI-powered Security Advisor enables customers to surface insights, recommendations, and even remediation options within seconds, resulting in risk reduction and efficiency gains that won’t break the bank.”

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