Snowflake Data Clean Rooms helps organizations preserve the privacy of their data

Snowflake introduced Snowflake Data Clean Rooms to customers in AWS East, AWS West, and Azure West, revolutionizing how enterprises of all sizes can securely share data and collaborate in a privacy-preserving manner to achieve high value business outcomes in the Data Cloud.

The general availability follows Snowflake’s acquisition of data clean room technology provider Samooha, which was named one of the most innovative data science companies of 2024 by Fast Company. Samooha is now integrated into the Data Cloud and enhanced by the unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities of Snowflake Horizon.

Businesses across industries need solutions to navigate the complexities of sharing sensitive data with external partners and customers, while maintaining data privacy and security. Data clean rooms have emerged as the technology to meet this need, enabling interoperability where multiple parties can collaborate on and analyze sensitive data in a governed way, without exposing direct access to the underlying data.

Until now, data clean room technology was generally deployed by large organizations with access to technical data privacy experts.

Enterprises of any size can now quickly deploy a cross-cloud data clean room with Snowflake Data Clean Rooms, available as a Snowflake Native App. Organizations can unlock new business value from data across sources, all within the governance, security, and privacy parameters of Snowflake.

Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow customers to:

  • Unlock value with secure collaboration on sensitive data easily and with no additional cost: Teams can stand up new data clean rooms quickly, easily, and with no additional cost. Built for business and technical users alike, Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow organizations to unlock value from data faster with industry-specific workflows and templates such as audience overlap, reach and frequency, last touch attribution, and more.
  • Tap into the open and interoperable ecosystem of the Snowflake Data Cloud: Connect to Snowflake’s open, neutral, and interoperable data clean room ecosystem offering turn-key third-party integrations and solutions across enrichment, identity, activation, and public cloud providers. Customers can collaborate with business partners seamlessly, regardless of whether they are already on Snowflake.
  • Take advantage of Snowflake’s built-in privacy and governance features: Built on the Snowflake Native App Framework (generally available on AWS and Azure, private preview on GCP), Snowflake Data Clean Rooms come to your data, removing the need for data to ever leave the governance, security, and privacy parameters of Snowflake, and helping customers maintain privacy while allowing for deeper analytical insight with business partners.

“Data Clean Rooms have become a staple across industries in the face of third-party cookie deprecation and Snowflake is uniquely positioned to help marketers across the ecosystem realize the benefits of secure, cloud-agnostic data collaboration,” said Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Samooha Co-Founder and Snowflake Data Clean Rooms Director of Product Management. “Snowflake Data Clean Rooms allow customers to unlock high value business outcomes with their data, all while ensuring data stays private and secure.”

Data clean rooms have been initially adopted by media and entertainment companies as a way to provide personalized experiences and services for their customers especially given the evolving technology and regulatory privacy context. The technology continues to gain traction in other highly regulated industries like financial services and healthcare for secure collaboration on highly sensitive data.

Customers across industries are already using Snowflake’s platform for secure data collaboration and, with the introduction of Snowflake Data Clean Rooms, will now have access to additional privacy and governance capabilities.

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