Stream.Security unveils threat investigation and AI-powered remediation capabilities

Stream.Security announced new threat investigation and AI-powered remediation capabilities.

The new real-time attack path detection and generative AI-powered remediation tools are part of the real-time exposure management features that the cloud security company is rolling out. With these capabilities, customers can see all aspects of a potential cloud attack instantly and map ways to prevent it, resulting in faster time to response (reducing MTTR).

“We’re excited to share these new features with our customers today,” said Or Shoshani, CEO and of Stream.Security. “Without this technology, users would need to combine individual SIEM, threat detection and configuration management tools to identify attacks, leaving security teams to connect the dots.

“The features we’re launching today are designed to detect, analyze and patch flaws in the cloud environment in one platform, making it easier for security teams to react immediately and unveil the adversary intent and harder for cyber attackers to compromise an organization’s cloud infrastructure. We look forward to finding more unique ways to create solutions that keep our customers’ clouds safe.” added Shoshani.

Cloud infrastructures are facing increased pressure as the frequency and severity of attacks continue to grow. Hackers worldwide find new ways, like generative AI, to steal cloud data, holding it for ransom and propagate attacks faster than ever.

Stream.Security’s new features map out potential attacks per every change in the environment, gather insights, investigate threatening activities and take steps to remediate any issues, preventing attacks before they can occur, eliminating the need to conduct a new scan to unveil the changes impact.

The solution’s latest suite of capabilities include:

Real-time attack path detection – This feature provides immediate insights into potential attack scenarios upon any configuration change that exposes a vulnerable asset. Unlike traditional solutions requiring an additional scan, Stream.Security’s real-time attack path graph instantly detects all possible exposures upon every change in their cloud, enabling security teams to manage their exposure in real-time.

Generative AI-powered remediation – Stream.Security leverages the power of generative AI to suggest remediation steps for any security flaw detected in the cloud environment. This feature significantly reduces Mean Time to Remediate (MTTR) by automatically generating tailored solutions, allowing security teams to address vulnerabilities as they arise with precise remediation steps.

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