Fastly Bot Management protects websites, apps, and valuable data from malicious automated traffic

Fastly introduced Fastly Bot Management to help organizations combat automated “bot” attacks at the edge and significantly reduce the risk of fraud, DDoS attacks, account takeovers, and other online abuse.

Fastly Bot Management

Fastly Bot Management represents an important cybersecurity milestone for the company, building on its proven bot mitigation expertise and capabilities currently available in its Next-Gen WAF.

“Organizations increasingly are delivering more enhanced digital experiences to their users at the edge. Not surprisingly, cyber adversaries have followed so the need to detect – and stop – attacks as close to the threat as possible has never been greater. Fastly’s decision to extend and enhance its bot protection capabilities on the company’s flagship edge cloud platform is both timely and a natural evolution of the company’s overall cybersecurity strategy,” said Christopher Rodriguez, Research Director, Security & Trust, IDC.

“Every day, bad actors, including bot operators, are looking to disrupt and fraudulently monetize ecommerce and other Internet traffic with automated attacks, putting organizations at risk of fraud, security attacks, and account takeovers. Organizations need to quickly protect good traffic and block malicious traffic,” said Kip Compton, CPO at Fastly.

“With Fastly Bot Management as a unified part of our security offerings all powered by Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform we are helping our customers – especially global e-commerce and media companies – defend against these attacks with our simple-to-use single platform solution that scales to meet their website and application needs and reduces fraud risk and infrastructure costs,” added Compton.

Fastly’s Bot Management solution enhances the company’s overall security capabilities, which customers trust to significantly increase their security in real-world deployments. In fact, while many security tools are not configured to block traffic in order to avoid incorrectly blocking legitimate traffic, Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF is used in “full blocking mode” by nearly 90% of customers, a direct reflection of the trust and confidence customers have in Fastly’s solutions.

“Fastly’s new Bot Management solution provides granular visibility and rule setting capability to let the good traffic in and keep the bad traffic out, which helps us protect our content and reduce infrastructure costs,” said Paul Laleu, CTO, Le Monde.

Fastly Bot Management: How it works

Fastly Bot Management helps protect websites, applications, and valuable data from malicious automated traffic. The solution instantly classifies non-malicious and malicious bots at the Network Edge and provides multiple server-side and client-side mitigation techniques.

Built for modern development teams, Fastly Bot Management helps reduce complexity by being simple to use, developer-friendly, and highly performant through the power of Fastly’s Edge Cloud Platform.

Customers will benefit from:

  • Reduced fraud and resource abuse through a multi-layered approach that automatically identifies and stops malicious bots that power fraudulent activity, like account takeover and carding attacks, which can result in bad customer experiences, costly refunds and customer support overhead. Edge deployment and enforcement reduces origin costs by only serving traffic to real customers.
  • A safeguarded customer experience with Fastly’s edge-based solution helps reduce latency and keeps apps performant, while client-side features like challenge flows reduce buyer friction and promote higher conversion rates.
  • Unified bot mitigation, application security, and delivery services through a developer-friendly console that allows teams to quickly deploy and block attacks.

Fastly Bot Management is now available to all Fastly Edge Cloud Platform customers.

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