Graylog: Open-source log management

Graylog is an open-source solution with centralized log management capabilities. It enables teams to collect, store, and analyze data to get answers to security, application, and IT infrastructure questions.


Graylog key features

  • It is easy to install with a standard tech stack, combined with support for data collection across various data input types with the immediate ability to search across ingested data.
  • Complex query support with auto-complete suggestions.
  • Single or multiple input parameters to quickly set search filters on a dashboard (e.g. filter all dashboard content to all the activities of a single user or system).
  • Flexibility to create dashboards using various widgets to present a customizable look, including advanced data aggregation that pulls different data into a single chart for a pivot-like experience.

The Graylog server application is compatible with:

  • Debian 10 and 11
  • Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7-9 and compatible (AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, etc.)
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 13, 15

If you’re using Docker, you’ll need a recent version, at least v20.10.10.

Future plans and download

“The roadmap for Graylog Open is focused on the continued expansion of data collection inputs and even more dashboard and reporting options,” Seth Goldhammer, Graylog product manager, told Help Net Security.

Graylog is available for free on GitHub.

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