ShadowDragon Horizon enhancements help users conduct investigations from any device

ShadowDragon announced significant enhancements to its Open-Source Intelligence Investigative platform Horizon.

ShadowDragon Horizon

These updates represent a milestone in the evolution of investigative technology, offering capabilities to streamline investigative processes and uncover valuable insights.

The OSINT Platform encompasses an all-in-one solution for investigations with unparalleled access to publicly available information, including geolocation data, platform monitoring, breach data and the ability to integrate external data streams. This allows for a modern approach to link analysis in one comprehensive toolkit. Horizon offers access to more than 225 data collection sources, more than 1500 pivot points, and advanced, customizable link analysis capabilities.

Horizon is accessible with any internet connection and allows users to access critical data and conduct investigations from any device, providing unprecedented flexibility and mobility. Mapping advancements, plotting capability, visual geofencing, and geoestimation allow for different starting points that pinpoint precise locations and uncover valuable insights.

Horizon offers unmatched ease of integration, creating tailored data streams able to solve for any problem set. Horizon will also enable analysts the ability to work on the go from a tablet, phone, or desktop/laptop.

Horizon, coupled with ShadowDragon’s SocialNet offers a powerful OSINT toolkit that includes more than 225 data collection sources to use for correlating publicly available data, integrated brand monitoring, breach data inquiries, social media information and link analysis capabilities to empower users with a holistic approach to investigations. Users benefit from advanced link analysis capabilities, allowing them to connect the dots and uncover actionable intelligence with ease.

“Our customers have asked for a unified platform for many years. We are answering their requests with Horizon, enabling customers to use our platform and data with their existing tools, easily import and export data, while enabling greater focus for complex analysis of data. The Horizon Platform allows publicly available data to tell the story for the analyst. I am very delighted at what our team has produced and thankful to how our tools help protect many on a global scale,” said CEO Daniel Clemens.

“You guys are doing incredible things with SocialNet and Horizon. Looking back as a user of Horizon’s early release, it has been the coolest privilege to experience the last three years of innovation, watching the platform evolve and morph with every incremental update, and knowing there are always more tweaks still in the works.” – Law Enforcement Customer.

These updates underscore ShadowDragon’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the field of investigative technology. By continuously enhancing its OSINT suite with new features, data collection sources and capabilities, ShadowDragon aims to empower investigators with the tools they need to stay ahead of emerging threats and make informed decisions.

“This is as close as one can get to having a silver bullet solution that helps solve investigative and analytical needs. This means that no matter what OSINT expertise you have, ShadowDragon’s technology will speed up your investigation through an initiative platform. But it is not limited to just the platform and tools, the seasoned team will train you on usage and will support you in getting the most out of your investigative needs. The newly released features and capabilities will make your work future proof and will speed up ANY investigation significantly,” said Nico Dekens, ShadowDragon Director of Intelligence.

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