Immuta launches Domains policy enforcement to improve security and governance for data owners

Immuta launched Domains policy enforcement, a new capability in the Immuta Data Security Platform that provides additional controls for data owners to implement a data mesh architecture with domain-specific data access policies.

Domains policy enforcement

Centralizing data access decisions across organizations often leads to bottlenecks, preventing timely policy authoring, editing, and access to data. With Domains, data owners define data controls with both broad reach and specific domain controls. This is done by mirroring structures such as business units, geographic regions, or functions. As a result, data owners have increased visibility, insights, and control over data utilization, providing increased security and governance.

“Being efficient with data while also being smart about data security is key for us. That’s why we’re excited about Immuta’s new Domains capability,” said Itzik Feldman, Senior Engineering Manager, Analytics Platform at Atlassian. “With our business domains able to set their own policies, we can de-risk data with confidence in how it’s being used, without excessive delays or red tape. For Atlassian, that means greater efficiency, productivity, innovation, and ultimately, value.”

With Domains, customers are able to:

  • Scale policy authoring and updates by increasing the number of users managing data access policies. With Domains, data access policies can be delegated at the local domain layer and at the global layer by centralized IT.
  • Implement data access policies on smaller segments across an organization, enabling changes to be made faster and without impacting all users.
  • Mirror data access policies based on organizational structure, simplifying the control boundaries for domain policy authors and helping teams organize their data in line with established governance boundaries.

“By integrating this capability into our Data Security Platform, we are enabling domain owners to understand data usage specific to their domain. This allows them to identify potential issues earlier, ensure compliance, and ultimately reduce the risk of data use across the enterprise,” said Mo Plassnig, CPO at Immuta.

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