CyberQP unveils solutions to help MSPs proactively prevent security incidents

CyberQP announced QGuard Pro, a solution with enhanced capabilities designed to exponentially increase technician efficiency, and a new API for Deployment are now generally available.

QGuard Pro comes with Passwordless MFA for Technicians, which augments the provider’s Just-in-Time Account Creation capabilities and offers speed for technician logins, all without compromising on the CyberQP platform’s security-first mentality.

Increase efficiency without compromising security

In a landscape where businesses are increasingly reliant on digital services to operate or transact, attackers have graduated from merely targeting specific endpoints or cloud workloads, to targeting the unseen privileged accounts that keep an organization online.

“As a former MSP founder, I’ve witnessed the fallout caused by persistent admin accounts and compromised credentials,” said Jim Jessup, COO of CyberQP. “QGuard Pro and our new Passwordless MFA for Technicians is designed to work in tandem with our Just-in-Time accounts to eliminate those attack surfaces and ensure that our partners can eliminate standing privilege with ease, and get time back in their day to focus on the initiatives that matter to them.”

How it works

CyberQP’s Passwordless MFA for Technicians streamlines and logins for individual privileged accounts, Just-in-Time accounts, and offers MFA prompts, saving time and ensuring compliance with best practices.

Early adopters of the Passwordless MFA for Techs feature report that they save 30-45 seconds per login. With QGuard Pro, MSPs can:

  • Deter credential stuffing attacks, privilege abuse, and the risk created by shared admin credentials with named Just-in-Time accounts, and a dedicated technician app to offer an efficient and secure MFA login solution for your team.
  • Get privileged access with the same workflow across Active Directory, Microsoft 365, local accounts, and beyond.
  • Make it easier to stay in compliance and adhere to cyber insurance requirements to implement MFA and Just-in-Time access for domain administrator accounts.
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