Virsec releases security tools to offer ransomware protection

Virsec released TrustSight and TrustGuardian, its newest security tools in the fight against an ever-expanding threat environment – one where EDRs miss up to 30% of attacks, and ransomware detonates in milliseconds, according to various sources, including cybersecurity research firms and industry reports.

TrustSight is purpose-built to protect server workloads from ransomware and other sophisticated Remote Code Execution (RCE) and Living-Off the-Land Binary (LOLBin) attacks by providing clear visibility into what’s running on them, verifying provenance, creating trust policies, and detecting any deviations in milliseconds.

Virsec’s server workload hardening solution significantly contributes to an overall zero trust strategy, allowing organizations to balance risk tolerance with business continuity as they face the challenge of adapting to ever-expanding attack surfaces.

By enforcing trust policies created by TrustSight, Virsec’s TrustGuardian delivers robust runtime server workload protection, stopping ransomware, zero-days, malware, and other malicious code in milliseconds before it can infiltrate the organization. This default-deny, allow-on-trust approach fills a critical gap where EDR/XDR solutions fall short.

“Virsec blocked two ransomware attacks that bypassed our EDR for us in the fall of 2023. We will never deploy any servers without Virsec going forward,” said Director of IT / U.S. Critical Infrastructure Organization.

“TrustSight and TrustGuardian provide an organization with the clearest view possible of their attack surface and risk posture by determining the trust of their software supply chain. Virsec’s technology has greatly diminished the complexity of responding to attacks and gives our customers peace of mind, knowing they can prioritize and mitigate vulnerabilities and risks that present the biggest threat to the organization,” explains Virsec CEO Simone Sassoli.

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