FortiGate 200G series boosts campus connectivity for Wi-Fi 7

Fortinet announced a new next-generation firewall (NGFW) appliance with the security and networking performance needed to serve as the backbone of the modern campus.

Built on the Fortinet operating system, FortiOS, and the latest, fifth-generation Fortinet security processing unit (SP5), the FortiGate 200G series delivers increased firewall throughput, FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services, and 5GE ports for the new Wi-Fi 7 wireless standard. These features enable organizations to efficiently support and secure the growing volume of data-rich traffic and cloud-based applications within campus environments.

Modern hybrid networks require power at the edge

Organizations have shifted from a centralized network model to a decentralized one where processing and decision-making happen closer to the edge where data is generated. Because of this, enterprises need infrastructure that can handle increasing amounts of data and support bandwidth-heavy applications and IoT devices outside the central hub. This is particularly critical for the campus, which often hosts multiple on-site departments that rely on seamless connectivity and cloud-based applications for business-critical operations.

The performance and AI-powered features modern campuses need

The FortiGate 200G series was purpose-built to deliver high-performing networking and security capabilities required within the modern campus. Leveraging the proprietary Fortinet ASIC, SP5, it delivers incredible throughput, enhances operational efficiency, and empowers organizations to increase their security posture amid the evolving threat landscape.

Key features include:

  • NGFW security performance, including 7x greater firewall throughput, 16x greater IPsec VPN throughput, and 2x greater threat protection than the industry average.
  • AI-powered security through FortiGuard AI-Powered Security Services provides comprehensive protection against the evolving threat landscape with services such as inline advanced malware prevention, DNS filtering, data loss prevention, and attack surface management.
  • 5GE ports support lightning-fast connectivity and boost access point performance, optimizing bandwidth utilization, enhancing data throughput, and ensuring high network availability.

A comprehensive secure networking solution for the campus edge

The Fortinet Secure Networking solution includes wired and wireless solutions—NGFW, Ethernet switches, and access points—all built on the same operating system, FortiOS, and integrated as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric.

Because of this unique approach, organizations can seamlessly converge networking devices with cutting-edge security, including the use of FortiGate NGFWs, like the FortiGate 200G series, as wireless controllers within edge environments. This provides visibility and end-to-end security across the entire campus for unprecedented control and risk mitigation.

“Networks are growing in complexity and scope, and they require high performance and advanced security at the edge. We designed the FortiGate 200G series to serve as a new approach for perimeter security with the computing power and AI-enhanced protections enterprises need within the campus. Built on our latest proprietary ASIC, the SP5, this new next-gen firewall will empower customers to meet evolving business needs, mitigate risk, and ensure a positive user experience,” said John Maddison, CMO at Fortinet.

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