Forescout AI enables security leaders to make confident, informed decisions

Forescout introduced its AI product strategy built to help business leaders and security operators synthesize connected device threats and make decisions with clarity and confidence.

“Many cybersecurity vendors have flooded the market with solutions that apply generative AI capabilities to a chatbot, while helpful in some respects, its impact on the business can be limiting,” said Justin Foster, CTO and Leader of Innovation at Forescout. “Most security leaders are aware that you can’t just put AI into a SOC. The Forescout AI strategy amplifies the value of the entire security stack so that leaders can get the most value from the team and share what they learn across the organization in the right context for confident and decisive decision-making. The need for clarity and insight has elevated cybersecurity to a board-level business concern, and our application of AI reflects this.”

Forescout AI: Security, clarity and confidence to action

Forescout AI provides customers with trusted insights that enhance the efficiency of security analysts during investigations, enabling security leaders to make confident, informed decisions.

Forescout utilizes secure design principles to safeguard customer data and privacy. Forescout also employs secure prompt engineering to control the data available to the model. This mitigates the risk of data poisoning that can lead to manipulated outcomes. Additionally, to prevent customer information from being embedded into the model, Forescout does not train its model using customer data and prompts are not embedded.

Forescout uses its data science threat detection and risk assessments to deliver results while using generative AI to augment the outcomes. Forescout lessens the risk of hallucination and bias by leveraging feedback mechanisms and conducting regular audits.

As more analysts enter the field, many security operations centers now include team members with limited experience, highlighting the importance of AI-driven guidance to improve efficiency. Forescout AI provides clear and easy-to-comprehend narratives that highlight crucial details about connected devices, potential causes of incidents, and recommended remediation steps. This capability eliminates the need for SOC staff to piece together various narratives of device issues’ cause and effect. Instead, they can investigate and remediate with confidence.

Forescout leverages AI-generated storytelling for critical stakeholder reporting. By applying Forescout AI, the subjective interpretation of visuals is eliminated, replaced with clear, direct narratives detailing the impact of Forescout deployments over time. This approach provides CISOs with contextual insights into how Forescout has mitigated risks and thwarted threats, offering clarity and visibility into the tangible returns on their investment.

These in-product reports enable leaders to assess the effectiveness of their cybersecurity solutions, benchmarked against industry peers to establish a baseline. Such insights are invaluable for decision-making related to contract renewals, cost management, vendor consolidation, and evaluating the efficacy of the security stack.

“As companies assess their use of AI to bolster their cybersecurity strategies,” Foster explained, “they are actively exploring innovative approaches to cost savings, enhanced transparency, and deeper process optimization. Forescout AI supports the requirement to align business strategy with outcomes.”

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