CyberSaint releases NIST CSF Benchmarking Feature

CyberSaint released the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) Benchmarking Feature, which allows CISOs and security teams to measure their NIST posture against industry peers through a historical maturity graph on the CyberStrong Executive Dashboard.

Organizations across industries struggle to compare themselves with their peers when reporting to the Board and other key stakeholders. With the launch of CyberSaint’s NIST CSF Benchmarking Feature, CyberSaint customers can benchmark themselves using CMMI-level CSF category scoring for their given industry.

These new features add even greater context for security leaders and further refine the accuracy of CyberStrong’s cyber risk quantification calculations.

“The long tail of cybersecurity loss events plagues companies and causes a growing financial burden to all involved. Without proper mechanisms to measure financial exposure and risk, companies are in the dark about the potential for attacks that might take them out of business,” said Padraic O’Reilly, Chief Innovation Officer at CyberSaint. “With this launch, security teams can now adjust their organization’s risk and compliance programs to align with and even exceed their peers.”

As part of CyberSaint’s CyberStrong Platform, the NIST CSF Benchmarking Feature maps sector maturity scores from the NIST CSF benchmarking dataset to the controls in a user’s environment.

Controls above the benchmark will lower the residual risk, while controls below the benchmark will raise it. Coupling maturity benchmarks with cyber loss data has been a long sought-after tool for cyber risk professionals, empowering them to contextualize their practices in terms business leaders understand.

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