Calix strengthens SmartBiz security with automated alerts and anti-spam compliance tools

Calix unveiled updates to SmartBiz, a purpose-built small business solution for broadband service providers (BSPs), that expand an existing set of robust security capabilities.

SmartBiz security features

These enhancements help BSPs ensure the safety, security, and compliance of critical small business online activities at scale. Updates include new security alerts and heightened cybersecurity reporting across primary, staff, and point of sale (POS) managed networks.

Calix also enables extensive and flexible IP address management, opening a significant opportunity for BSPs to serve a wider variety of small businesses. With the launch of two innovative 10G Wi-Fi systems—the Calix GigaSpire u6t and u6txg—Calix simplifies installation and enhances small business network productivity. With these updates, BSPs can further elevate their trusted partnerships with customers to be seen as guardians of small businesses in their communities.

Integrated for the cloud-and-software-enabled Calix Broadband Platform—SmartBiz is a purpose-built small business broadband solution available for BSPs in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. According to 60% of US small businesses, cybersecurity is a top concern. In Canada, small business scam attempts surged 40% last year, while two-thirds of UK small businesses faced cyberattacks in the same timeframe.

Today, Calix released updates to SmartBiz that make it easier to deploy, further enabling BSPs to address small business owners’ every connectivity need—right out of the box:

  • Increased safety and security capabilities. Enhanced IP address management for SmartBiz enables BSPs to seamlessly configure networks and subnets, servicing small businesses with static IP addresses without requiring device resets or IT support. This flexibility allows BSPs to more easily onboard small businesses with established networks like local pharmacies with electronic prescribing and family restaurants, jewelry shops, and storage facilities with online security cameras. As a result, even more small business owners gain peace of mind knowing their critical business systems are isolated, secure, and protected while also receiving reports on threats blocked across primary, staff, and POS networks via the personalized CommandWorx mobile app.
  • Compliance with anti-spam laws. New cloud capabilities for the Calix Platform ensure all BSPs and the small businesses they serve with SmartBiz are compliant with local anti-spam laws. This feature prevents data collection without consent in Canada and the UK where these anti-spam laws are in effect.For example, when a patron connects to the customer network at a coffee shop in Vancouver, they will be automatically asked for consent to receive promotions from the business.
  • New systems that streamline SmartBiz deployments. The new high-capacity GigaSpire u6t and u6txg systems enhance SmartBiz capabilities, offering transformative installation and deployment options for a wide variety of small businesses with their sleek, versatile design. These systems enhance network productivity with services like 10 Gbps security, flexible WAN options, and multiport support. Simple to deploy, manage, and support via Calix Cloud (the Calix Platform cloud insights engine), both systems are small business-ready, featuring 10GE LAN, POTS, and battery backup to meet diverse connectivity needs. The u6t and u6txg expand the industry’s largest portfolio of indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi systems, which enables BSPs to mix and match to serve every small business use case—from the smallest bakery to the largest warehouse, marina, or RV park.

Small business subscribers will also continue to benefit from the extensive security features originally launched in SmartBiz. These include an integrated firewall guarding against unauthorized traffic, malicious websites, viruses, and intrusions. SmartBiz enables BSPs to secure small businesses with integrated wireless and wired resiliency options, ensuring continuous connectivity for critical systems like POS—minimizing costly downtime. Small business owners can also prioritize bandwidth for POS and other essential applications across staff and guest networks via CommandWorx while easily managing content controls for staff and customer protection.

“The ability to deliver broadband services tailored to support the unique connectivity, security, and productivity needs of small businesses is driving our business growth and deepening community ties,” said Bill Gerski, VP of sales and marketing at Beacon Broadband. “Our business subscribers have long requested these types of applications and security features. Without Calix, it would have taken us years to provide them, if ever. With our exclusive ‘Business Plus’ offering, built on SmartBiz, small business owners can take control of their networks with lightning-fast primary internet connections, firewall and network security, and resilience. As Calix continually innovates for SmartBiz, we can ensure the seamless delivery of the features and services our business subscribers need.”

Since it is a managed service fully integrated for the Calix Platform, SmartBiz is simple to adopt and launch. All BSPs launching SmartBiz are fully supported by resources from the Calix Smart Start for Managed Services program to accelerate time to market and time to revenue.

“SmartBiz charges ahead as BSPs now have an out-of-the-box solution for small businesses that differentiates their offering well beyond fiber speeds,” said Michael Weening, president and CEO at Calix. “The power of SmartBiz starts with more than 21 Wi-Fi systems—integrated with our platform—that can be mixed and matched to meet any physical premise requirements imaginable for small businesses, whether indoor or outdoor. Our platform uniquely enables BSPs to support small business owners with a rock-solid Wi-Fi experience via Calix Cloud along with core capabilities like advertising and business management that will further delight business owners. As a result, BSPs are earning unmatched Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

“We continue to innovate at a rapid pace to enable BSPs to become trusted security partners for small businesses, especially as they lack the resources of an IT department. Our ongoing enhancements to SmartBiz will ensure that our BSP customers serve as the anchor for all small businesses in the communities they serve.”

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