Kroll expands its document review capabilities to accelerate incident response

Kroll expands its document review capabilities with DataminerAI to immediately pinpoint where sensitive data is located, providing faster, more efficient and affordable data mining. The technology optimizes incident response investigations and is available to all insurance carriers, law firms, and incident response providers seeking more efficient document review.

Kroll partnered with eDiscovery services provider, Dauntless Discovery, to develop DataminerAI. It leverages large language models (LLM) to rapidly analyze data sets of all sizes to find sensitive data and categorize it for immediate analysis, extraction and review.

The AI technology handles both structured and unstructured data to increase review efficiency and accuracy. DataminerAI provides customized workflows based on its findings and delivers solutions which reduce the need for manual review. This saves time and money typically associated with data mining and customers receive impact assessment reports faster.

“Kroll handles more cyber incidents than any other company in the world, and our goal is to work closely with outside counsel to gauge the regulatory exposure associated with each breach and create customized workflows designed to increase the efficiency and accuracy of each review using DataminerAI. These capabilities combined with Kroll’s dedicated data mining and technology teams, the contingent workforce of up to 2,000 contract attorneys, and our 24/7/365 support model, means customers can have a scalable solution to accurately assess risk while avoid unknown costs and streamline the review process.” said Benedetto Demonte, Chief Operating Officer of Kroll’s Cyber Risk Business.

said: “By leveraging DataminerAI we’ve enhanced our ability to scope, estimate and execute on behalf of clients. The tool significantly decreases the time to report and notify, while offering clients a more predictable pricing model. Our goal is to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. The utilization of this technology does that by accurately assessing risk, predicting costs and streamlining the review process,” said Jonathan Hanks, Chief Operating Officer at Dauntless Discovery.

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