Huntress adds Active Remediation and macOS coverage to its EDR solution

Huntress announced that its Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product now includes Active Remediation and macOS coverage.

Huntress EDR previously included proactive isolation to stop the spread of threats immediately, click-to-approve remediation, and guided recovery and cleanup. With the addition of Active Remediation, security administrators can pre-authorize Huntress to take action on their behalf with zero manual review and approval. This added convenience promises to speed up the remediation process and lighten the workloads of IT and security teams.

“Our primary focus has always been keeping our customers and partners safe, and we want to do that with complete ease of use. Our Active Remediation automatically eliminates threats with zero manual intervention. With our consistent record of less than 1% false positives, Managed EDR users can rest assured that they are being protected 24/7 by our human-led SOC while enjoying the benefits of an extremely hands-off solution,” said Seth Geftic, VP of Product Marketing for Huntress.

Today, 22.4% of businesses are running macOS—with 50% of users affected by malware, hacking, or scams. The rise in malware attacks comes with the growing number of macOS users in small to mid-sized enterprises, as they are high-value targets for bad actors. The average data breach cost for these businesses is $4.35M, and it can take approximately 277 days to detect and contain a breach.

These numbers are high enough to put smaller enterprises out of business. With macOS threats increasing roughly 100% from 2023 to 2024, this enhancement arrives at the right time to arm small businesses and mid-sized enterprises and the managed service providers who support them.

“Businesses might be tempted to assume that macOS is inherently more secure than Windows, but with threat actors becoming more sophisticated, that’s simply not the case,” said Stuart Ashenbrenner, macOS Researcher at Huntress. “Mac environments are more complex, which is why Huntress has rolled out this release to support resource-constrained IT teams that need specialized macOS experience and protection.”

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