Product showcase: Alert – Data breach detector for your email, credit card, and ID

Compared to the last quarter of 2023, data breaches rose from 81M to 435M in Q1 2024. That’s a 5-fold increase in just a few months.

One of the most common ways data breaches happen is through apps like Facebook or Instagram, which collect a lot of user data. If their databases get compromised — so does the user data. To stay on top of your personal information security, try Surfshark’s advanced data security solution, Alert.

With Alert, you can easily monitor your most important credentials, such as your email, credit card, and ID. Alert will instantly notify you if it appears in breached online databases. This way, you can immediately secure your accounts and prevent more damage before it happens.

Why choose Surfshark Alert?

Real-time monitoring and email notifications: your details are scanned in real-time, and if there’s a new breach, Alert promptly informs you via email.

Data protection: stay informed of your account security to prevent cybercriminals from accessing your accounts illegally or exploiting your personal information for phishing or impersonation. With the help of Alert’s instant breach alerts, you can change passwords and react quickly to prevent malicious actors from accessing your information.

Easy to use: it just takes a few clicks to start monitoring your details.

One account to protect your entire household: with Alert, you can add an unlimited number of emails, IDs, and credit cards with a single subscription. This means you can monitor your and your family’s accounts all at once.

Reliable scanning of the largest databases: Alert will show you all breaches, no matter how old they are. It will also classify breaches according to severity, which ranges from high to medium to low.

Fitting for business: businesses can also use Alert. It’s an invaluable tool for mitigating the numerous pitfalls companies face from data leaks.

Part of a bundle: Alert is included in Surfshark’s online security bundle, Surfshark One. In this bundle, there’s also a VPN, Antivirus, an alternative email generator, and more features for all-around protection.

Step-by-step: getting started with Alert

Activate email monitoring

Once you log into your Surfshark account and go to the Alert section, select Monitor emails. To do so, enter the email address you want to monitor and click Activate. You can add more email addresses by clicking on the plus sign next to Emails.

Surfshark Alert

Scan credit cards

To start monitoring your credit card, you can choose the section Scan credit cards and enter your credit card number. Alert doesn’t host your credit card details, so there is no need to worry about the safety of your information.

Surfshark Alert

Scan IDs

To start monitoring your ID, you can select the Scan IDs section and enter your ID number. Surfshark doesn’t host your ID details, so your privacy stays protected.

Surfshark Alert

Breach list

Once you start monitoring your accounts, you will see a list of breaches that impacted the privacy of your personal information. You will see what has leaked, the source of the breach, its date, and its severity.

Surfshark Alert

Breach alerts

You will receive an instant email notification if your details appear in a breached database. It will inform you which account has been breached and what you can do to secure it.

Surfshark Alert

Settings: breach reports, notification settings, and deleting all data

Alert offers you full control over the information you receive. In the Settings section, you can choose whether to receive breach reports and their frequency (monthly, quarterly, or yearly). You can also choose which email Alert will send breach notifications to. If you decide to remove all data from Alert, you can also do that in Settings by just clicking on Remove all data.

Surfshark Alert

Protect your personal information with Alert

Data breaches happen often, and the best way to keep your information safe is to stay informed. Monitoring your most important details, such as emails, credit cards, and IDs, is the best way to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting your information. Surfshark offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can test Alert and our other products for yourself and make sure you are satisfied before committing to a plan. Try Surfshark today and stay ahead in your account security game.

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