Otterize unveils Blast Radius Analysis & Remediation tool

Otterize rolls out a major expansion of its Cloud Security Suite, featuring the new Blast Radius Analysis & Remediation tool.

This feature, designed to detect exposed infrastructure across different Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments, provides actionable insights for protecting these vulnerabilities and violations.

Introducing Blast Radius Analysis & Remediation

As part of this update, Otterize is launching its highly anticipated Blast Radius Analysis & Remediation feature. This powerful tool detects exposed infrastructure, even across different Kubernetes clusters and cloud environments, and provides clear, actionable steps to protect them. By visualizing potential security breaches and getting a prioritized list of their impact, organizations can proactively safeguard their infrastructure against vulnerabilities and attacks.

Achieve zero-trust and ongoing compliance seamlessly

Otterize’s expanded Cloud Security Suite equips organizations to achieve zero-trust security and maintain ongoing compliance without disrupting development workflows. These new capabilities enable swift response times and efficient remediation, ensuring that robust security measures are integrated into the development process without disrupting workflows or impeding developer productivity.

Adrian Ludwig, CISO at Tools for Humanity and former CISO & Chief Trust Officer at Atlassian, emphasizes, “The hardest part of getting ‘least privilege’ is figuring out how to make it easy to deploy across a complex, changing environment… Otterize’s Intent-Based Access Control (IBAC) gets your environment closer to least privilege, faster.”

Automation and developer integration

In line with its commitment to ease of use and automation, Otterize now offers automatic compliance and security management. The platform interacts directly with developers through automated pull requests in GitHub or GitLab and Slack alerts, streamlining the process of staying compliant and secure.

This automation eliminates the manual work required from developers, allowing them to focus on their core tasks and code quality. Otterize eliminates the need for extensive back and forth between DevOps/SecOps teams and developers. Instead, the system autonomously engages with developers, extracting the necessary information for informed decision-making and configuring the environment and infrastructure accordingly.

DevOps-first, open source approach

Developers have consistently praised Otterize for its open-source, DevOps-first approach. The latest enhancements reinforce this commitment, enabling teams to tackle previously insurmountable compliance and security challenges without disrupting their workflow. Otterize not only addresses critical security needs but also enhances developer satisfaction by enabling smooth and efficient progress.

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