Protecto improves data security and privacy for GenAI apps in Databricks environments

Protecto announced its latest capabilities designed to protect sensitive enterprise data, such as PII and PHI, and block toxic content, such as insults and threats within Databricks environments.

This enhancement is pivotal for organizations relying on Databricks to develop the next generation of GenAI applications.

Data security, privacy, and safety concerns have been significant roadblocks for GenAI initiatives. Protecto addresses these challenges head-on with APIs that manage structured and unstructured data, mitigating data security and privacy risks across context data, LLM (Large Language Model) responses, and user prompts.

This comprehensive approach ensures enterprises can innovate confidently, knowing their sensitive information is safeguarded.

A key differentiator of Protecto’s solution is its unique technology, which maintains data understandability by LLMs even after masking sensitive PHI (Protected Health Information) data. Protecto’s solution ensures that GenAI applications remain secure and compliant without compromising accuracy. Protecto’s integration with Databricks is seamless, offering native connectors to read and securely use data within the platform.

For companies operating in regulated industries, GenAI applications’ security and privacy controls often need to be more mature to meet stringent compliance requirements. Protecto ensures that innovation remains secure and free from compliance risks. Protecto’s security and privacy controls provide the necessary safeguards to protect sensitive data, enabling organizations to focus on innovation without worrying about regulatory issues.

“At Protecto, we understand the paramount importance of data security and privacy in the development of GenAI applications,” emphasized Baskaran Alagarsamy, CTO of Protecto. “Our latest offerings protect sensitive data and ensure that applications remain accurate and compliant, a crucial aspect for regulated industries such as banking and healthcare. We proudly support our customers, supporting their secure and efficient innovation.”

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