SCYTHE 4.3 enables organizations to test and validate their defenses

SCYTHE has announced SCYTHE 4.3, which brings a host of enhancements designed to support and advance cybersecurity teams’ capabilities in threat emulation, vulnerability management, and security integration.


SCYTHE 4.3 new features summary

SCYTHE 4.3 introduces several new features for cybersecurity professionals:

Assessment module for PTEs: This release significantly enhances our Purple Team Exercise (PTE) assessment module, providing advanced functionalities that dramatically improve purple teaming effectiveness. The new features include automated data capture and comprehensive reporting, streamlining the assessment process and ensuring detailed and actionable recommendations.

Attack Flow designer: The new Attack Flow designer offers a visual interface for designing and visualizing SCYTHE threat campaigns. This feature meets the demands of teams looking for a more intuitive way to visualize and develop threat campaigns, enabling them to create and manage threats through a user-friendly visual palette.

EDR and SIEM integrations: SCYTHE 4.3 includes several new integrations with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) systems, enhancing the platform’s versatility and utility:

These integrations power SMART Tagging, enabling automatic alerts for missed or broken detections, automated data capture for assessments, and enhanced reporting capabilities. These integrations ensure broad team support for red teaming, detection engineering, controls validation, and purple teaming, improving every organization’s overall security efficacy.

Vulnerability Management Validation MVP: Introducing a new concept that allows security teams to assess the impact of new vulnerabilities or zero-day’s. The Vulnerability Management Validation beta feature assesses the risk of a vulnerability within an organization’s environment via a calculated Harvest Score, which can be used to adjust existing Vulnerability Priority Ratings (VPR) based on exposure tests. This score helps teams prioritize mitigating vulnerabilities more accurately by considering real-world impact potential considering deployed security controls.

Automating to boost team effectiveness

“In today’s environments, it’s crucial to emulate real-world attacks, not just atomic tests, with the same level of realism and sophistication as the most advanced threats. SCYTHE 4.3 achieves this, enabling organizations to test and validate their defenses. And, with our latest integrations, we have automated Smart Tag Alerts and Purple Team Assessment data outcomes, ensuring that security teams can efficiently correlate their detection capabilities and address any gaps quickly,” said Marc Brown, VP Sales & Product at SCYTHE.

With these updates, SCYTHE 4.3 continues to empower security teams with advanced tools for comprehensive threat emulation, better vulnerability management, and improved integration with essential security systems, driving greater resilience and proactive defense capabilities.

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