Regula Forensic Studio updates improve the accuracy of forensic examinations

Regula has released a significant update to its operating software, Regula Forensic Studio. This major revamp enhances the functionality of forensic devices, improves usability, streamlines operations, and allows for more precise document examination.

Regula Forensic Studio

Compatible with Regula’s most recent advanced forensic devices, including the company’s flagship dual-video spectral comparator, Regula 4308, Regula Forensic Studio software facilitates manual examination of handwritten texts, banknotes, travel and identity documents, collectibles, and more. Supplied in a bundle with forensic devices and available out-of-the-box, Regula Forensic Studio can operate all Regula devices in a forensic laboratory, creating a smooth user experience and allowing for a wide range of examinations.

The new features and improvements in Regula Forensic Studio significantly elevate the user experience, as well as the convenience, speed, and accuracy of forensic examination.

Crucial examination speed and precision enhancements include:

A new cross-platform architecture that significantly streamlines document processing and reporting, and ensures full compatibility with all popular operating systems, such as Windows, Linux, and macOS.

The possibility of creating predefined scenarios (macros) for repetitive tasks, which makes it possible to automate the verification process for certain types of documents. For example, if an expert needs to verify a wad of banknotes, they can automatically record the sequence of checks (including all the lighting and filtering techniques) for one banknote, and auto-repeat it for the rest of the wad. Not only does this feature streamline the whole process, but also eliminates human-related errors.

Fully automated ID verification in mere seconds through seamless integration with Regula Document Reader SDK, which instantly recognizes the document type and validates all its data from MRZs, RFID chips, barcodes, and performs available security checks.

Enhanced integration with the Information Reference System (IRS), which makes it simple to compare an examined document to its reference image from the database. Thanks to real-time sync between RFS and the Information Reference System, the device’s active light source is switched to the one used in the reference sample, and vice versa. This leads to more quick and efficient examinations.

Automated banknote residual area measurement, a new feature that was added as a response to customers’ needs. It uses banknote references from the Regula IRS to automatically measure the undamaged area of a banknote and determine if it can be accepted by the bank.

Key usability enhancements include:

  • A new intuitive user-friendly interface.
  • Multi-screen support to allow users to drag and drop application tabs between monitors, which is especially convenient when working with several images.
  • Colored image superimposition, a new feature that highlights different elements of two images for easier comparison.
  • Pseudocolor visualization, a feature that uses substitute bright colors to highlight areas within the same color (like some indistinguishable shades of gray) for better visualization.
  • Automatic detection of Machine Identification Code (MIC), a new feature that detects a unique yellow-dot pattern color laser printers and copiers leave on paper sheets. This helps identify the source of printed documents.

“In the crowded field of ID verification, Regula has distinguished itself by constantly improving, as well as adopting a customer-centric approach at the core of our research and development. The updated Regula Forensic Studio software has become notably faster and more efficient. It reflects feedback from external forensic experts and our customers, and incorporates features designed to address specific use cases and improve operations. This user-centric approach helps us boost the functionality of our solutions and meet the evolving needs of our customers in the most efficient way,” says Ihar Kliashchou, CTO at Regula.

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