Arab Security Conference 2023

September 17-18, 2023
Cairo, Egypt

2023 is facing a whole new dimensions of Cybersecurity, Cyber Wars is now destructive as much as civil war.

Since the beginning of digital transformation on a high gear, new processes and products were brought up to speed with a change of management as flexible as possible to improve speed to market, filling the gap for the newly and aggressively introduced work environments-as WFH.

While extending the security perimeter and responsibilities of information security personnel to fulfill bridging from private cloud to public cloud back and forth including providing digital services to a different spectrum of users, high profile security lapses were ensued as expected.

Gartner predicted that 60% of digital businesses would suffer major service failures by 2023 due to the inability of security teams to manage digital risk.

This conference is focusing on supporting business leaders towards thinking more thoroughly into effective information security attainment to ensure economy of scale and growth in the digital transformation era.

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