Cyber Security for Critical Assets (CS4CA) LATAM 2024

November 26-27, 2024
Novotel Center Norte, São Paulo, Brazil

This event is geared towards providing cybersecurity knowledge and collaboration not only to IT and OT security leaders from critical industries but also to IT security experts across various sectors.

Latin America, especially Brazil, faces a crucial time in cybersecurity, with Brazil ranking as the second-most targeted region globally in 2023. With ransomware attacks affecting 79% of organizations in Latin America, the summit will gather senior cybersecurity leaders to enhance cyber resilience through collaboration.

Focusing on “Strengthening Our Cyber Security Strategies Through People, Processes, and Technology,” the summit will delve into improving organizational resilience with advanced tools, employee training, and national strategies.

Meanwhile, CS4CA LATAM will focus on “Securing Our OT Infrastructure Against An Evolving Threat Landscape,” highlighting the need to protect critical industrial and energy sectors against rising cyber threats.

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