New Age Cyber 2021

November 10-11, 2021

Companies moving to the digital future need to address risks that come with operating as connected, data-driven enterprises. Executives believe cybersecurity risks will grow substantially as they adopt new and enhanced business technologies. To become cyber resilient, companies must infuse next-generation cybersecurity into everything they do.

Connected 24/7 to a wide range of ecosystem partners, companies are collaborating and sharing more data than ever before. But as they transform into fully digital enterprises, they are also creating new and growing vulnerabilities and risks from cyber threats. 48% of board directors rank cyber risk as a top enterprise risk. In fact, cyber risks are among the costliest risks facing organizations today, with the average cost of a data breach reaching $8.64 million last year.

Governments and organizations are creating and storing more information than ever before, including sensitive internal records as well as the personal data of their constituents. They’re charged with the security of an ever-shifting mix of desktop hardware and mobile devices; on-premises servers and cloud storage; and traditional software, apps and third-party platforms.

The network of the future requires highly secure solutions that protect you at every step from endpoints to servers to the cloud. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic redistributed millions of employees to remote work and expanded organizations’ threat surface overnight. But the single most important aspect of security is simply understanding that you’re a target.

Such critical issues will be addressed through this virtual conference which will witness thought leaders discussing the top most challenges backed up by powerful presentations and case studies helping you move to the next-generation cybersecurity.

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