World Class Remote Office Security 2023

July 4-5, 2023
Marriott Hotel, Leipzig, Germany

With only 20% of vendors, this event prioritizes learning, discussion, and idea exchange among end-point users. The emphasis on the end-user perspective guarantees a focus on the needs, challenges, and insights of those implementing a secure remote work environment without excessive sales pitches.

This event focuses on addressing the specific challenges and opportunities associated with remote office security in Europe.

Participate in roundtable discussions for experts, professionals, and stakeholders at this unique European platform. Share insights, exchange ideas, pose questions, and learn about the latest trends, technologies, and best practices for remote office security.

Listen to discuss topics that are most relevant to the challenges and risks associated with Europe’s workforce that has migrated to a remote environment.

Engage with specialists and gain insights that are tailored to your industry. Don’t miss out on this chance to learn from industry leaders and their various case studies to discover how your organization can embrace remote work securely.

Through a mix of case-study presentations, interactive roundtable discussions, Q&A sessions and hands-on workshops, you will gain inspiring perspectives.

The multi-stream format allows you to move freely between the sessions. Create your own personal agenda from the case studies and interactive round tables.

If you can’t participate in the conference onsite, you have the possibility to get the insights of the decision-makers via live streaming.

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