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250ok’s new list validation feature optimizes marketers’ email campaigns

250ok, an email analytics and deliverability platform, unveiled its proprietary email validation feature providing marketers a better way to ensure their marketing emails are …

Companies still don’t understand the importance of DMARC adoption

By implementing DMARC, brands lower the odds of their domains being spoofed and used for phishing attacks on recipients. Still, 79.7% of all domains analyzed have no DMARC …

Inbox placement improving, spam placement remains the same

The global trend of delivery data increased over the last eight quarters, with a growth of 4 percent inbox placement, according to 250ok. Missing emails saw a decrease of 5 …

Most top US higher ed institutions fail to protect students from phishing

88.8 percent of the root domains operated by top colleges and universities in the United States are putting their students, staff and other recipients at risk for phishing …

Most top US and EU e-retailers are putting their consumers at risk

A new study by 250ok has revealed that 87.6 percent of the root domains operated by top e-retailers in the United States and European Union are putting their brands and …

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