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The hidden costs of Java, and the impact of pricing changes

An overwhelming 98% of all the businesses surveyed use Java in their software applications or infrastructure, and 57% of those organizations indicate that Java is the backbone …

Azul Code Inventory identifies dead and unused source code for removal

Azul announced Code Inventory, a new feature of Azul Vulnerability Detection that provides developers and DevOps teams a precise catalog of the source code actually used in …

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Azul Vulnerability Detection uncovers known vulnerabilities in Java applications

Azul has released Azul Vulnerability Detection, a new SaaS product that continuously detects known security vulnerabilities that exist in Java applications. By eliminating …

How to manage the intersection of Java, security and DevOps at a low complexity cost

In this Help Net Security video, Erik Costlow, Senior Director of Product Management at Azul, talks about Java centric vulnerabilities and the headache they have become for …

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