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Visa selects Callsign as their behavioral biometric and device intelligence identity provider

Visa chooses Callsign, as their preferred behavioral biometric digital and device intelligence identity provider. Under the agreement, Visa will introduce Callsign’s …

Erosion of digital trust: Consumers want more personal information protection

Consumers think banks, retailers and mobile operators need to do more to protect them and their personal information from fraudsters, according to Callsign. Trust in these …

Consumers trust organizations less after receiving scam messages claiming to represent them

Callsign revealed that the rise of scams is harming organizations’ reputations across the world. The global study of consumers revealed that just receiving a scam message …

Changes in the privacy landscape through the pandemic

The pandemic has turned the way businesses operate upside down. In the rush to keep the lights on, businesses pivoted online to keep sales up and maintain customer services. …

Callsign adds cyberfraud expert Ben Wallach to US team

Callsign announces the continued expansion of its U.S. leadership team with the addition of Ben Wallach as senior advisor. A leader in the cybersecurity and fraud space for …

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