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Thousands of government, orgs’ websites found serving crypto mining script

On Sunday, over 4,200 websites around the world started hijacking visitors’ browsers to mine the Monero crypto currency. The attack The problem was first noticed and …

Stealthy in-browser cryptomining continues even after you close window

In-browser cryptocurrency mining is, in theory, a neat idea: make users’ computers “mine” Monero for website owners so they don’t have to bombard users …

Coinhive breached due to old, reused password

Coinhive has suffered another setback: their DNS records have been surreptitiously changed by attackers, allowing them to steal cryptocurrency mined via the project’s …

Showtime’s Web sites roped visitors’ CPU into mining cryptocurrency

Here’s the latest good reason for users to block JavaScript: if you don’t, your computer’s CPU power could be used to mine cryptocurrency without your …

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