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American Express
Amex users hit with phishing email offering anti-phishing protection

American Express users are being actively targeted with phishing emails impersonating the company and advising users to create an “American Express Personal Safe …

credit cards secure
PCI Council wants more robust security controls for payment devices

The PCI Council has updated its payment device standard to enable stronger protections for cardholder data, which includes the PIN and the cardholder data (on magnetic stripe …

payment card
Nearly 1 in 3 consumers victimized by card fraud

Thirty percent of consumers globally have experienced card fraud in the past five years, according to ACI Worldwide and Aite Group. The global fraud study of more than 6,000 …

payment card
Increase in credit card leaks with high profile apps and sites

A new report reveals a continued rise in apps and mobile websites leaking credit card data, with several new cases from prominent brands, including the Hong Kong metro system. …

credit cards secure
NIST security standard to protect credit cards, health information

For many years, when you swiped your credit card, your number would be stored on the card reader, making encryption difficult to implement. Now, after nearly a decade of …

payment card
Carders use custom built POS malware to hit US retailers

Crypto-ransomware might be the most prominent type of malware these days, but that doesn’t mean that criminals have stopped using other kinds. According to FireEye …

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