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Your web browsing history can be linked to your social media accounts

Your web browsing history contains enough information for third parties to be able to link it to your social media profile (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit), Stanford and Princeton …

Data science tasks
40% of data science tasks will be automated by 2020

More than 40 percent of data science tasks will be automated by 2020, resulting in increased productivity and broader usage of data and analytics by citizen data scientists, …

analytics IT assets
Feds are using big data analytics for cybersecurity, but is it effective?

81 percent of Feds say their agency is using big data analytics for cybersecurity in some capacity – 53 percent are using it as a part of their overall cybersecurity strategy …

Harnessing integrated security analytics

Necessity is the mother of invention. To match the demands of a threat landscape that has grown exponentially in the last decade, cybersecurity innovation has moved at a …

AI system predicts cyber attacks using input from human experts

Today’s security systems usually fall into one of two categories: man or machine. So-called “analyst-driven solutions” rely on rules created by human experts …

Harnessing artificial intelligence to build an army of virtual analysts

Enterprises of all types and sizes are continually probed and targeted by cyber attackers. It doesn’t matter whether they are after the company’s or their …

Map a path through the issues of cloud, security, data analytics

2016 will be a difficult year to call for the European IT businesses – any of the usual linear progress in the IT industry in 2015 as a result of more powerful technologies …

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