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Microsoft is working on a more secure print system for Windows

After announcing a gradual elimination of third-party printer drivers on Windows earlier this year, Microsoft has now unveiled its plan for enhancing security by introducting …

Qualcomm patches 3 actively exploited zero-days

Qualcomm has fixed three actively exploited vulnerabilities (CVE-2023-33106, CVE-2023-33107, CVE-2023-33063) in its Adreno GPU and Compute DSP drivers. Vulnerabilities …

patch tuesday
Microsoft patches four exploited zero-days, but lags with fixes for a fifth (CVE-2023-36884)

For July 2023 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft has delivered 130 patches; among them are four for vulnerabilites actively exploited by attackers, but no patch for CVE-2023-36884, an …

patch Tuesday
Microsoft fixes exploited zero-day, revokes certificate used to sign malicious drivers (CVE-2022-44698)

It’s December 2022 Patch Tuesday, and Microsoft has delivered fixes for 50+ vulnerabilities, including a Windows SmartScreen bypass flaw (CVE-2022-44698) exploited by …

Delivering vulnerable signed kernel drivers remains popular among attackers

ESET researchers took an in-depth look into the abuse of vulnerable kernel drivers. Vulnerabilities in signed drivers are mostly utilized by game cheat developers to …

Intel processor
Intel releases updates to plug TPM-FAIL flaws, foil ZombieLoad v2 attacks

Intel’s Patch Tuesday releases are rarely so salient as those pushed out this month: the semiconductor chip manufacturer has patched a slew of high-profile …

Researchers discover 40+ insecure drivers for Windows

Spurred by several past instances of attackers abusing device drivers to install a kernel rootkit or malicious firmware implants, Eclypsium researchers have decided to probe …

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