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Honeywell Maxpro VMS/NVR systems vulnerable to hijacking

Honeywell’s Maxpro VMS and NVR, network video recorders and video management systems deployed in commercial, manufacturing and energy facilities around the world, sport …

US utilities targeted with spear-phishing emails impersonating engineering licensing board

If you worked in a US company in the utilities sector and received an email notification telling you that you’ve failed your “Fundamentals of Engineering” …

biohazard energy
Cyber espionage and sabotage attacks pose an increasing threat to the energy industry

Malicious actors are targeting critical infrastructure (CNI) sites and energy distribution facilities exponentially. Interconnected systems in the energy industry increase …

Deloitte report
Evaluating the biggest cyber threats to the electric power sector

The network of power plants and lines connecting to homes and businesses is widely considered to be among the most critical infrastructure in the world. It’s also one of …

Researchers link Industroyer to NotPetya

ESET researchers believe they have found evidence that the TeleBots APT was behind the December 2016 attacks against the Ukraine energy sector that resulted in blackouts …

Building a sound security strategy for an energy sector company

As more and more attacks against companies working in the energy sector become public, it is becoming increasingly clear that those systems are far from impermeable. And …

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