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Cybersecurity engineering under the Federal Trade Commission

When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) releases new regulations or changes to existing ones, the implications may not be obvious to the average business or company employees. …

PAM solution
Benefits of modern PAM: Efficiency, security, compliance

Many legacy Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are still very manual regarding what they do and how they manage user access and permissions. They are geared toward …

Mobile app creation: Why data privacy and compliance should be at the forefront

In today’s mobile app landscape, providing customers with the most tailored and personal experience possible is essential to edging out competitors. But creating such a …

APIs in the insurance industry: Accessing a growing world of data

The insurance industry is vast and varied. It can be found in nearly every country in the world, with the earliest references dating back as early as 1750 BC. Modern …

Eugene Dzihanau
Getting your application security program off the ground

IT and security professionals are increasingly concerned about attackers compromising their mission-critical applications. According to a recent Ponemon study, the reasons for …

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