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Sharp rise in fileless attacks evading endpoint security

A new Ponemon Institute survey of 665 IT and security leaders finds that over-reliance on traditional endpoint security is leaving organizations exposed to significant risk. …

The anatomy of a completely fileless attack

The use of fileless malware is definitely on the rise, and it’s used both by targeted threat actors and cybercriminals. Trend Micro researchers, though, are keen to …

US restaurants targeted with fileless malware

Morphisec researchers have spotted another attack campaign using fileless malware that is believed to be mounted by the infamous FIN7 hacking group. The goal of the campaign …

Will fileless malware push the antivirus industry into oblivion?

The death of antivirus has been prophesied for years now, but the AV industry is still alive and kicking. SentinelOne, though, believes that in-memory resident attacks, i.e. …

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